Finding That Perfect New Book

By Betty Trummel

The excitement of finding a new book…that’s what I wish for all of you out there! Browsing through a library, bookstore, online, or anywhere you find your books can be super fun. When you see that special new selection that interests you, you can’t wait to get started.  


Today I found a perfect book for our 5-year old granddaughter. Of course it’s got a nature connection, since not only do children love animals, but so do I.  And, we have a special relationship with bears living near our cabin in Colorado. Ella will make that link when reading this story.


The pictures and story in “Bear Hug” are very welcoming, like a new surprise on each page. I can’t wait to read this book with Ella. 



Opening a new book brings a treasure to our eyes and mind. Remember, reading opens doors.  What new door will open for you soon when you select your next book?

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