A Child’s Perspective

By Mal Keenan

A few months back, many of you read about Betty’s community photo project in Zambia.  Students borrowed cameras, went out into the community to take pictures, and then wrote about their “snaps” later in the week.


What I love and appreciate about this project are the student’s perspectives – children taking the pictures – what they see – what they feel is worthy – what moments they want to capture. As a teacher and parent, I feel that a child’s perspective is so important and valuable.

And in looking at these photographs, I realize how kids construct themselves within the images. They noticed details . . . some simple and small . . . others more complex . . . details that an adult may have missed. With cameras in hand, the kids had the power to tell their own stories of community and the people around them.  What a gift for the adults who love and care for these children and what an opportunity for us to see their world so clearly!


2 thoughts on “A Child’s Perspective

  1. You’re right, Mal – and it’s something that we adults may overlook in our rush to meet kids’ needs. When we make that mistake, we tend to give them what WE think they need instead of what THEY might need most. Please God, open our eyes to see their worlds through their eyes!

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