Students Giving Back to Other Students…

By Betty Trummel

Early in 2018, I spoke with members of the National Honor Society at Monomoy Regional High School (here in Harwich, Massachusetts) about A to Z Literacy Movement. Students listened carefully and learned about ways they might get involved and do some sort of service project for, or related to, A to Z Literacy.

I hadn’t heard back from them in a while, until months later I received an email from the sponsor, indicating that their project was ready for pickup. I was really excited to see what they had chosen to do as their service project.


The NHS students had worked in pairs to create 20 “books in a bag” for me to bring to students and teachers on my next trip to Zambia. Each book is accompanied by a stuffed animal that matches the theme of the book and has a CD with the NHS students reading the book aloud. 


How exciting and fun it will be for Zambian students to have the option of reading/listening to a special new story while holding a stuffed toy. And, listening to someone read a book out loud is always a great model for students. 


I love seeing ways students can reach out to other students. Everyone learns and benefits in this process.  Thanks Monomoy Regional High School NHS! Your contributions are much appreciated!!

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