The Shine Community Photography and Writing Project

By Betty Trummel

Last week the level 2 students at Shine Zambia walked with their teachers and I through their community. The purpose of of walks…a photography project that will inspire them to write about their community…through their eyes.



Each night I have printed out photos on a small portable printer so I can them with the students…so they can see their community come to life through their eyes—their photography! This week…the writing begins, and hopefully doesn’t end. I want these children to tell their own stories about their lives and the community at the crossroads of Mutendere, Valley View, and Kalikiliki…the community surrounding Shine Zambia Reading Academy.

I can’t use the student photos yet due to limits in my technology on this trip, but I stood alongside students as they took the same pictures as you’ll see here from my camera.

We asked people if it was okay to take their photo…most people said “yes” to our school project. Teachers were invaluable interpreters, sharing the purpose of our community photo walk with residents of the compounds.

Thankful for the people of these compounds and the children and teachers who shared so much with us on our community walks. This is a busy part of Lusaka and as in many places around the world, there are both joys and challenges. I can’t wait to do our writing lessons this week and to hear the student voices shine through! Enjoy a few more photos from our walks.


3 thoughts on “The Shine Community Photography and Writing Project

  1. Thanks for sharing a day in the lives of your students with us. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to see the beauty and value of their own lives and homes as well. When you commit these ideas to paper and images, it immortalizes them!

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