Holiday Shopping Helps

If you’re anything like me, you’ve stepped up your online shopping this year. I’m avoiding stores with their numerous shoppers who are both being careful and not so careful with social distancing. That, coupled with the uncertainty of even being together with family later this month has me taking the non-traditional route of visiting Amazon a few times a week. 

If you are also picking up a few holiday gifts online, I want to remind you to shop through when you hop onto Amazon. Log in as you regularly do and in your account settings you can select A to Z Literacy Movement as your supported charity. It costs you nothing extra and a portion of what you spend on most purchases is donated to A to Z Literacy Movement

Every day we get notice of all the tremendous gift ideas which are on Amazon. Anytime year-round that you purchase, please remember A to Z Literacy so in giving, you give doubly. 

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