Two Teen Perspectives


While A to Z team member Dave Keenan is teaching at School of Hope in Zambia this week, Dave and Mal Keenan’s son, Cole, has also been volunteering with Village of Hope and School of Hope. Additionally, many of our supporters know of Jonathan Mwale, the young man being sponsored by our organization, who will be attending Mulungushi University in August.  Cole and Jonathan sat down with Dave this afternoon and shared a few of their thoughts as teens from two different places. 

From Jonathan: I have noticed that each time we receive visitors from the states, they all have the same positive impression about our culture. We get credits of being respectful to one another regardless of age, skin color, tribe, etc. I feel like they experience a whole different lifestyle here which is very natural to me. Every time when visitors leave this place, they are not the same. It’s like they realize that there’s more to life than what they expected or have heard. I am thrilled to be in a position of being looked at as a model each and every time I speak to visitors. I have also realized that they challenge me to bring out the best of me. Recently, I was told to do my best and whatever happens next happens! It’s probably the best lesson of the month for me. I look forward to talking to more visitors.

From Cole: At School of Hope, the students are extremely respectful to all of the adults and have a lot of obedience to their teachers. Everyone is very kind and cares about the relationships they have with each other.  When students say “hello” to you, they ask how you are doing as well. I have learned so much about the culture and the way of life. I’m having a great time whether I’m in the classroom learning about chemistry with other 11th grade students, in the field picking maize with college kids home for holiday break, or working around the village in general. Traveling to Zambia has been quite an experience for me.


One thought on “Two Teen Perspectives

  1. So proud of BOTH of you young men – and I expect great things from you in the future. In the meantime, have fun!

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