Back in Zambia

Kenyan Proverb

By Dave Keenan

Hello From Village of Hope!

I arrived in Zambia over the weekend and spent time conferring with School of Hope director, Kathleen, on Sunday about the upcoming week of professional learning. As we have done in years past, A to Z Literacy Movement strives to support partners with what is needed in terms of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. This year our focus will be around math in grades 6 through 12 and how to best meet the needs of students.

Both the Village of Hope and the School of Hope are growing! The impact of the organization is mind-blowing. The school is a full Pre School through 12 along with Hope College of Education. As a member of a small nonprofit, I feel privileged to partner with this amazing ministry.

On a personal note, it was an interesting experience traveling here. As I traveled farther away from the States, I noticed the slower pace of life. It takes a few days to adjust, but the change in pace is so needed and beneficial for me.


2 thoughts on “Back in Zambia

  1. Best of luck, Dave! I’m hoping that you’ll grow professionally and relax personally:) Prayers and wishes are with you! Love, ann

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