A Little Free Library and More!

By Betty Trummel

4EFDC65D-0988-4443-8CE5-E452A9FEBEC4.jpegI’m back home now on Cape Cod in Massachusetts but the pull and impact of our work in Zambia is still strong, and the people we just left behind are on my mind.

I went to the beach yesterday and as always, stopped at our local “little free library” and looked for a book to read. As I straightened up the books and browsed the current collection, my mind drifted immediately to Zambia.

In so many places in the world, people cannot just walk up to a library and borrow a book. Whether it’s a little free library or a public library, bookstore or online purchase, so many children and adults do not have access to books.


I’m enormously proud of the efforts of A to Z Literacy Movement. We provide books locally for at-risk children and students with special needs, and we send four separate shipments of books (each shipment contains 6 boxes of books) to impoverished communities/schools. We hold book drives, take donations of books, and use monetary donations to achieve our goal of shipping books.


We help create libraries where none have existed before.


We send possibilities to communities of learners…young and old alike.

EF03303D-ED40-4608-BA18-EE5EEF2FDF47.jpegWe build partnerships in literacy and learning.

To help us reach our goals, visit our home page at http://www.atozliteracy.org and explore ways you can help us make a difference.

I never take for granted the great privilege I’ve had to surround myself, my family, and students in my class with BOOKS! The gift of books is the gift of hope.


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