Woken Up By a Cast of Characters

by Mal Keenan

Living out in the village while in Zambia always provides sights and sounds not typical of my suburban life in the states. Each morning, there is a cast of characters that like to start their day anytime between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM.


The usual suspects include Turkey, Rooster, Duck, and Guinea Hen. And as they make their way around the yard, these feathered friends chatter about the weather, where to find the best bugs to eat, and whose babies are growing up way too fast. Cow sometimes adds to the conversation from her pen out back. Chicken tends to migrate through all of the yards, sprinkling juicy tidbits of gossip like who’s feathers are most ruffled.

As for me, no alarm clock is needed here—Rooster has got my back.

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