Dodge, Dip, Duck and Dive

Balls flying through the air. Teams decked out in “thematic” matching gear. Kids helping kids – wanting to make a difference in the world. That’s what has been going on over the last two months with A to Z. Two Crystal Lake middle schools, Bernotas Middle and Hannah Beardsley Middle, hosted A to Z Literacy dodgeball tournaments to raise funds and awareness for our organization. Teams of six, both girls and guys, gathered together to battle it out while having a ball.  In all, over $2,100 was raised to help us meet our 2016 goals.

We are so very grateful to Belinda Strebel and all of the volunteers at Bernotas, as well as Dave Keenan and his volunteers at Beardsley who helped to make both events successful and sure to be repeated next year.


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