Service With a Smile

butterfly wings

By Pat Kelly

It was one of those late winter days recently when spring weather has blown in over the prairie, so I decided to drop off some used clothing and holiday decorations at Savers donation center. I pulled into the drive-through at the Crystal Lake store and an attendant in his lime green tee-shirt walked up to my car. Only this day, he was wearing a pair of lime green children’s butterfly wings to accessorize his shirt.

“Hello Mr. Butterfly!” I exclaimed through my open window.

“These came in with a donation this morning and I decided to put them on to liven things up here at the donation center,” J.S. told me.

“Well, you sure brightened my day. These donations are for the A to Z Literacy Movement donation drive,” I replied.

After taking my boxes into the building, J.S. returned with my receipt and a Savers punch card.

“On behalf of A to Z and Savers, we thank you for your donation,” he declared.

What a pleasant guy, I thought to myself as I drove away. What an asset J.S. is to Savers and indirectly, to A to Z.

Remember anytime year round you can bring used clothing, books, household items and linens to the drop off center at Savers’ Crystal Lake location and mention our organization by name. A to Z will be paid by the pound for what you give. Sorry, we cannot be paid for furniture, tires or liquids.


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