First Grade Service

by Anastasia Gruper

When two boxes of books were anonymously shipped to A to Z, we wondered who could have done such a kind deed.  However, when a note arrived the following week with a money order for $200.03 our questions were answered and hearts warmed.  Miss Martin’s first grade class at Alwood Elementary School choose A to Z Literacy Movement as the charity they wanted to contribute to for their year long service project. All year students collected change and books. Furthermore, they manned a lemonade stand for the two reading nights their school hosted. As we talked about the efforts of the first grade class, we were all reminded of how when everyone works together goals are accomplished.  Thank you to Miss Martin and her first grade class for contributing to our cause and helping to increase literacy in the impoverished areas of Africa.  With the help of first graders and students everywhere, we will continue to make the world better.

One thought on “First Grade Service

  1. Philanthropists at a young age. How caring these children’s teacher must be and what a wonderful, lifelong lesson she taught them.

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