Summer Reading

By Wendy Lasswell

little house

As long as I can remember summer reading has been about reading book series. I think it started with the “Little House” books. I actually brought one of those books with me to a slumber party and read a few chapters when the other girls were asleep. There was the “Flowers in the Attic” series.  I remember begging my mom to take me to B. Dalton to buy the next book in the series…..I really can’t believe she let me read those! More recently there was Harry Potter, The Twilight series and The Hunger Games.

And then there was the summer I strayed from book collections and read the epic: “The Thorn Birds”. Oh, what a book that was! BTW, did you know that Colleen McCullough just published a book this August? “Bittersweet” It’s on my “to read” list.

I read some really great books this summer, although none were part of any series. But what I must confess is that mostly this summer I have been counting down the days until August 26th.  That is the day “The Long Way Home” by Louise Penny will be released. This is the 10th book in the series….I cannot express how much I love these books and read them over and over. These are classic who-done-it mysteries set in the small Quebec village of Three Pines, and oh how I want to live there; even if the murder per capita is outrageous! I want to be best friends with Clara the yet- to- be discovered artist and Myrna the retired psychologist who now owns the new and used book store on the village square. I want to go to The Bistro to hang out with Gabri and his partner Olivier and drink café au lait next to the crackling fireplace.  I think you get the idea….. 

So don’t be worried if I don’t answer your emails or reply to any text messages on the 26th…..I’ll be reading!


long way home



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