To See the Repeat US Teachers Seeing Their Friends

By Becky Roehl



To see the repeat US teachers seeing their friends from Zambia was truly a
moving movement. The smiles and hugs were a picture I will always have in
my mind. The warmth and excitement in the air is so high. Zambian teachers
and children are so happy we are here. Alumni from Shine show up after
they knock off ( leave school) from 9th and 10 the grade. They ask us to
teach them more. They want to be doctors, electricians, and run orphanages
someday. The true future of Zambia. Students are moving around in the
classroom and working in small groups in classrooms that are right down
the street from a garbage dump that is burning. The mile or so road back
to the school from the paved road is dirt that if we were in my minivan it
would be bottoming out. Shacks for homes, food being sold, adults milling
around, and kids in uniforms coming and going to school. Truly the shine
within darkness.

2 thoughts on “To See the Repeat US Teachers Seeing Their Friends

  1. Becky, thank you for your fresh perspective. As Ellie already said, it’s LOVELY to see this through your eyes. We are so grateful to the team for all you’re doing and for helping us to feel as though we’re there with you.

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