Water in Africa

By Pat Kelly


There’s something healing in the power of a shower. When you are 2 1/2 days without a shower and every day is spent in the parched, windblown red dirt of Zambia, your body gets this funky feeling to it.
A layer of dust coats everything here. Everything. It gets into your eyes, nose and ears. Feet? -forget it.
This is to say nothing of the temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s and classrooms with only natural ventilation- i.e., open windows.
Additionally, the water shuts off randomly at what seem to be prime showering hours- early morning and after dinner. Hot water is never a guarantee and always a toss of the proverbial dice.
But when the stars align and you are at your cottage with time to shower, the hot water rolls off your body, renewing, refreshing, recharging you for what lies ahead.

5 thoughts on “Water in Africa

  1. Pat, thanks for reminding us of how much we take for granted here in the states. You’ve given us a new appreciation for our own gifts – not to mention our responsibility to conserve and share them!

  2. Pat,

    That sums it up beautifully. Thank you for the photo too!; it speaks a thousand words. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Stasia

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