Food for Thought

By Pat Kelly

Mal Keenan has an answer for every question. While at the School of Hope this week, she’s led professional development (PD) sessions with the staff of 18. The A to Z team has had three days of teaching, brainstorming, meeting and consulting. They’ve gone into classrooms and the director’s office repeatedly in a quest to impart as much knowledge and as many ideas as they can in their short time here.


Capping each day have been Mal’s PD meetings. She’s invited the teachers at this impressive School of Hope to continue the important, challenging work they do with new concepts and research driven practices. Teachers have been moved by Mal’s experience and expertise and have asked thoughtful questions as she, Becky and Betty had them go through the information.


This experience has been a really powerful reminder of how critical our own professional development is in education. As educators, we need to continue to develop ourselves, connect with our peers, and collaborate on what is best for children around the globe.

One thought on “Food for Thought

  1. Pat,

    Your insights are spot on! Continual growth is what makes us stronger. I couldn’t agree more with your thoguhts. Keep up the great work! Stasia

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