Country Mouse. City Mouse.

By Mal Keenan


We spent the last four days near the village of Nyirenda, working with the organization All Kids Can Learn International. Benedict and Kathleen, along with our friends, Bob and Mary, are doing amazing work out in the bush. Six orphan homes, one school, one truck stop, one take away, along with a farm that produces forty tons of maize yearly keep this ministry moving forward.

After being up North, and now back near the city, I realize that I’m more of a country mouse than a city mouse. The sunrises and the sunsets were spectacular. The dairy cows walking by and the noisy guinea hens were entertaining. The rooster and ducks did well as my alarm clock. Everything around me made me smile. Our walks to school in the morning will not be forgotten with lovely with kids walking alongside us. It was truly peaceful.


This first time visit out to Village of Hope will not be the last. It is a place A to Z teams will return to grow a stronger relationship in education and serve vulnerable children.

3 thoughts on “Country Mouse. City Mouse.

  1. So very excited and thankful that those kids in the bush are getting so much love and support. No surprise to learn that Bob and Mary have found a new place to share their many gifts. Please give them my love.

  2. What a blessing it was to have the four of you here. You have made a huge contribution to our school and we will continue to apply what we have learned from all of you. We look forward to your next visit!!

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