Middle School Role Models

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wow 2Small groups of students from Bernotas Middle School, Lundahl Middle School, and Hannah Beardsley Middle School explored multicutural literature throughout the year and shared stories with first grade students at Canterbury Elementary in Crystal Lake, IL. These talented kids participated in the World Of Words project from the University of Arizona, and have helped not only students in Crystal Lake, but will also assist teachers and students in Zambia at Chishiko Community School. The books shared locally will soon be packed up and sent to benefit students at Chishiko. In addition, the middle school students created activities to pair with the multicultural stories and those lessons will help Zambian teachers extend the learning, increasing oral language and reading comprehension. These talented middle school students gave of their time and are to be applauded for helping to increase the love of reading locally and globally.


One thought on “Middle School Role Models

  1. Being part of this project was such a blessing – and tons of fun. There are multiple layers of adults and students who will benefit from it – the staff and kids at Chisiko, the teachers who were involved in D47, the first graders and the middle school students, and the broader literacy community as they hear about it through the Worlds of Words Multicultural Literacy Project. Just think about the waves of influence these simple book clubs will have going forward!

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