A Relationship With Literacy

By Kalan Gott

The last few weeks I have loved watching early readers begin their relationship with literacy. I am the first grade recess supervisor at my school. When the year started, the first graders were just beginning to read and figure out text. Now, everyday I have students coming up to me and showing me the new books they got from the library, shop, or book fair. Watching five students all huddled around one book, under the shade of the playground equipment, straining to see the pictures and figure out the words is pure joy. It is that exact joy that A to Z seeks to spread with every box of books shipped, every penny donated, and every visit to Zambia. A to Z is like the Match.com of literacy. We are attempting to find each child his or her perfect book so that he or she may develop a life long relationship with literacy. When did your relationship with literacy begin? What book sealed the bond? How are you helping other young people develop their relationship literacy?

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