A to Z Outreach

By Pat Kelly

America is a land of plenty and a land of opportunity. I am quite sure any American would agree.
A to Z has had a great wealth of books bestowed upon us since our inception three years ago. The majority of these donated books “work” in Zambia. That is to say, the subject matter will be understood by Zambian children. A small fraction of the books that we receive are not what we can use and we look to recycle those books to local communities in keeping with our mission.
During 2012, A to Z has partnered with our friends at Project Pembroke. We have sent 19 boxes of books to the children of Hopkins Park & Pembroke Township, IL as part of our local outreach. With the books go our usual wishes of encouragement and success. This quest we are on has no geographic boundaries- no one is unworthy of our help. So you see, we try to utilize each book that comes our way, to make sure the book cover is cracked open and the story begins…

2 thoughts on “A to Z Outreach

  1. Pat, thanks for the background information on local book donations. I am just beginning to understand the depth of A to Z’s commitment to both our local and global community. The 2012 Zambia team is very excited to not only return to Lusaka on future mission trips, but also to build the local support that A to Z is offering to schools and community right here. Looking forward to being part of that!

  2. Thanks, Pat! I couldn’t agree more with what Ann said. As part of the 2012 team, I’d like to thank you for all your work here. The libraries in Africa were amazing thanks to all your collection, sorting, and packing here. We were fortunate to have so many books to work with and begin stories in Africa. I can’t wait to help more here now that we’re home!

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