Thank You! Zikomo!

By Ann Yanchura

On Monday, we had the pleasure of meeting Margaret, who is an administrator in Every Orphan’s Hope/Zambia main office. What an inspiring lady she is; having raised a family of her own, she has become the unofficial matriarch of this hardworking and committed group of missionaries. After we finished cataloging over 600 books donated by A to Z, she came in to bask in the excitement we share in getting these books into readers’ hands. After hearing her profuse appreciation, we thanked her for all the hard work SHE does day in and out. And here is what she said: I would not be able to keep going without your help and support.
This is what we would like to say to you. Thank you for your love, your prayers, your donations, keeping the home fires burning, your work to make this trip possible, and your general, overall support. We miss you and feel honored to be here representing your commitment and caring. It’s been a wild ride – and we are looking forward to being home soon – but we all return home changed and will always miss Zambia.
2012 A to Z Literacy Team: Mal, Kalan, Stasia, Mariann and Ann

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