How are we the same? How are we different?

By Ann Yanchura

The focus of my lessons for children (and their teachers) in Zambia is the use of academic language. It’s something many of us who are reading and writing this blog take for granted because we know the words to use when you summarize, describe, question, etc. In my lessons at Shine Academy in Kalingalinga, we are comparing and contrasting schools in Zambia and schools in America. After reading a wonderful book called WHERE IN THE WORLD IS HENRY? by Lorna Ballan, we talk about where in the world we live. Blow-up beach ball globes were easy to pack, and the kids love seeing our two countries on them. When we created a t-chart to compare our schools, we found that we have reading, writing, good teachers, and books in common. Some of our differences are that we have school gymnasiums in America, and they have vegetable gardens where chickens wander at schools in Zambia. Lucky for us we all love school, reading and teachers – we actually have a lot more in common than we have differences.

4 thoughts on “How are we the same? How are we different?

  1. An awesome lesson, Ann, and one the children back in Crystal Lake can benefit from as well. I’ll try this with my 4th graders next year!

  2. Great idea for a lesson…I know my 6th graders love to hear the differences between their school and others…and it’s great to see all the things we truly do have in common! Have fun…the beach balls was a great idea by the way!

  3. Our worlds are the same as we read the comments. Children are children everywhere…and you are giving them a wonderful gift being there! We have been enjoying the words from all the teachers! Loved the beach ball idea! You are doing great.

    With mindfulness – strive on!

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