True or False

By Kalan Gott

True or false? A a 16 inch jump rope can light up the life of a child more than any iPod or cellphone. True or false? Six woman and two men with associates degree can run a school for 260 students on $1 per student per day. True or false? A group of 5 women from the U.S can plan to inspire and influence the lives of Zambian students and instead find themselves inspired and influenced. Today Anastasia and I taught a lesson on fiction and non-fiction using true and false to introduce the vocabulary. While teaching the lesson I started thinking about true and false situations in life. The fiction and non-fiction we live everyday. I know today that I feel like I am in a story. A make believe place where children only get one meal a day. But the truth is this world is real. This life is non-fiction. A political, social, cultural story leaping off of the page and into my heart. This world is real, fact, truth, and it is hard and beautiful all at once.

2 thoughts on “True or False

  1. Kalan! What an inspiring blog post! You capture impressions and feelings that mirror what I felt two years ago when I taught at Shine. It is an amazing story for everyone involved…students and teachers there in Zambia as well as your group from Crystal Lake and our students here at home. Keep sharing your experiences and know that I’m thinking of all of you! Can’t wait to catch up in person!

  2. Well stated, Kalan! I’m loving the true and false perspective as well. I think I take the seemingly simple skill of knowing what is true and what is false for granted, unfortunatly. Enjoy!

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