In the Zone/Out of the Zone

By Ann Yanchura

You know how you hear about being “in the zone”? I’m no athlete, but I know how it feels to be so focused on something you are doing that you don’t know what’s going on around you. One of the reasons I agreed to Mal’s request to come to Zambia with A to Z is that I recognize that I need to step outside of my comfort zone. I would never call myself terribly spoiled, but I know how lucky I am to live and work where I do and have the family and friends that I have. One of my specific vanities is that I love my living and sleeping comforts and was scared about what I would find here in Lusaka; I was grateful to find that our accommodations here are cozy, clean, and safe. That’s a relief and will allow me to focus my attention on my work in the schools. When I do, I will get “into the zone” of teaching, listening and learning.
It’s my fervent prayer that I will have the chance to grow braver and smarter as I age. This seems to be the place to do both. Think of stepping outside of YOUR comfort zone to try something that will benefit you and someone else. Get into a new zone – and you don’t have to go to Lusaka to do it

8 thoughts on “In the Zone/Out of the Zone

  1. Ann,
    It is so hard to step out of our comfort zone, isn’t it? How exciting that you have done this & are helping children at the same time!
    We miss you, keep writing!

  2. Loved reading both blog posts…it reminded me of when I traveled to Zambia with Mal a couple of years ago. Being a part of A to Z Literacy has been a unique learning experience and although I’ve traveled around the world a great deal… being in Zambia for the first time was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone. Enjoy every moment and the teaching/learning that goes with it. I’m thinking of your whole group. Sending a special hug for the teachers and students at Shine!

  3. So happy you and your teaching materials made in safely. Excited for you and the children. And yes, I’ll ponder getting out of my comfort zone, although you know me, the ESL thingy was a little out there for me. Now I need to go waaay out. Hugs and prayers to you.

  4. Ann,
    We are so relieved to hear you all made it safe…with all the reading materials, luggage and most of all you! Such a change for you all but good to hear sleeping area is working. Well needed by the end of the day. You are totally in a unique zone – live each minute…moment by moment. You are doing great things!
    “Every moment is unique, unknown, completely fresh.”

  5. Thank you, all – we are having an amazing adventure. We are having internet connection difficulties, but we will post whenever possible. Love you all!

  6. Hi Ann and others,
    It was so good to read your post. Looking forward to hearing about all the wonderful things you will be doing with the students and teachers. They are so lucky to have such a wonderful group. Enjoy your time “in the zone.”

  7. I am glad you are getting the same, “out of your comfort zone” I am getting. Although some of the cities have a lot of English speakers and have the same big city feel as US cities, I have also been in places where many tourist usually do not venture. These experiences are usually much more gratifying.

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