The Power of the Pen

The A to Z Literacy Movement does exactly what the title describes. Ensuring books enter students’ hands and hearts fulfills a piece of The America to Zambia Literacy Movement. However, literacy is more than books. Last week, the focus of the movement was writing. Empowering people through reading allows them to understand what their continent, country, city, or compound is putting into place. But empowering people through writing, well, that allows them to imagine and create the future of their continent, country, city, or compound. The students of Shine Zambia are beginning the journey of becoming writers. We focused on communicating thoughts about books, creating stories with lessons, expressing feelings, and building vocabulary. By introducing these principles of literacy, we continue to send a clear message: From America to Zambia, we hope to empower the youth of Zambia to write a new history for themselves and their country.

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