What Can Books Teach Us?

Nichani chamene timawerengela? Why do you read?
 Goal: To understand books can teach us much more than we thought.
Kids at Shine Zambia have been working hard on extending their thinking this week. We encouraged students to dive deeper in their reading comprehension, to go below the surface in understanding. They have journeyed through different stories, thinking beyond the text, trying to figure out the lessons to be learned and possible themes. As we discussed the multiple themes in The Great Kapok Tree, the students wrote their favorite on a sentence strip that was then displayed on the wall. This reading skill is quite difficult for most students, yet we feel our goal is definitely attainable!

2 thoughts on “What Can Books Teach Us?

  1. Friends, these children (and their teachers) are so very lucky to have you there to model for them and impress upon them the value of higher level thinking associated with our reading and writing. This is the kind of work that will grow them into the peacemakers and problem solvers our world needs. Think of the impact you are having – it’s immeasurable, tamped down and multiplied. Love from Ann

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