Catchy Names Keep Them Coming Back

It was hard not to notice all of the unique names of the little shops and stores on the way to school everyday. The Zambians definitely have a way with words! Some stores were actual structures with cinder block walls, while others utilized cardboard or grain sacks as siding for their place of business. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • No Jesus No Life Grocery
  • Blessed Crown Hardware
  • Dizzy Night Hair Salon
  • Life Goes On Barbershop
  • Sunshine Saloon and Barbershop (thinking salon/saloon – is there really a difference?)
  • Get Besy Barbershop (thinking it was supposed to be “Get Busy”)
  • God Knows Hair Salon
  • Blessed Oasis Grocery

3 thoughts on “Catchy Names Keep Them Coming Back

  1. Thanks for bringing your mission to life with your blog. Well written! I laughed at the saloon/salon substitution. Can you get a glass of wine while the stylist works on your hair? What a concept! 🙂
    It is hard to imagine going to a store made of cinder blocks or cardboard. Thanks for bringing me to this little corner of the world and thanks for gifting your students with literacy.

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