3 Planes 3 Countries 3 Conversations

Flying out of Zambia, I sat next to a Texan cattle rancher and his son. The two had been hunting wild game and very much enjoyed their time in country. As I explained my purpose in Zambia and A to Z Literacy Movement, a sense of accomplishment came over me. Six hours later, I flew out of Johannesburg and enjoyed chatting with a young family from South Africa. The couple asked thoughtful questions about my time in Africa, and again, as I talked about working with vulnerable children, I felt happiness and success. While boarding the plane in London, I noticed an African bracelet on an American woman in front of me. We struck up a conversation and I learned she is working in Tanzania with her husband. As I talked about providing books to impoverished children so they can experience the love of reading, she asked for my card and said we would need to stay in touch. During the last hours of my journey home, I reflected on how fortunate I am for all the people who have helped get A to Z off the ground. I am grateful for all of the generous donations and I will continue to grow the organization for all the kids needing books to read!

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