Speaking Nyanja With Isaac

Our cab driver, Isaac, has been our Nyanja expert as we drive to and from school. He has taught us how to say certain phrases to communicate more effectively with kids new to school, just learning English. I draw out each word carefully, “Nishimi ki leko”(tell me about the story) and “Muna mphunzilla chani?”(what did you learn?).
On Thursday I wanted to impress the lunch ladies with a compliment about their cooking, so with paper in hand, I slowly read “zikomo, mwatipikeela bwino vakudya” meaning “Thank you, the food you served was good”. The surprised Zambian laughed as she cracked a joke about my fast mouth talking so slow in Nyanja. Fast mouth? Me?

One thought on “Speaking Nyanja With Isaac

  1. Oh, we love your “fast mouth” Mal! How fortunate the children are to have you and your smiling, smart, fast mouth. I love the blog and it makes me want to be there. Love and Literacy to you and all the wonderful children. Miss Beth

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