Less is More

Converstaions here in Zambia often focus on how to best help the vulnerable children in this country. As a mother and teacher, I go into the compounds and become anxious to do MORE. I look around and see kids need clothing, shoes, water and nutritional food. They need backpacks, books and pencils. However, I believe Zambians do not necessarily need Americans coming in, always having loads of stuff for the children. Less is more. The children need to be loved and need to feel safe. Teachers need to be supported and coached. They both need praise and to be uplifted. As a mother and teacher, I am capable of fulfilling those needs. Yes, the stuff is fun to provide, but there is so much more to give.

2 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. I think this is true of all children. Nice thought, Mal gal. I’m so glad you are there being the hands of Jesus to those in need.

  2. Mal what a profound thought. I hope you continue to spread this message here in the American schools as budgets are cut and supplies are possibly not as available as they have been. I look forward to hearing more about your summer when you get home. See you soon!

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