A Visionary named Vineet

Who would have thought a British IT guy would turn into a Zambian school founder and director? Vineet Bhatnagar is definitely a multitalented man. He understands the power of literacy and has dedicated his life to increasing his students’ reading and writing skills. Vineet is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for the students at Shine Zambia Reading Academy and has the support of the local leaders and community.  A to Z Literacy Movement volunteers are thankful to have had the opportunity to teach at Shine and feel extremely fortunate to have spent time with Shine’s talented teachers and students.


You are going to love the updated website for Shine Zambia! Please check it out when you have time.
Vineet Bhatnagar, the founder, has been hard at work in Zambia and is a true inspiration to us all.

Vineet Bhatnagar- Founder of Shine Reading Academy Zambia