By Koriann Lance

savers bags 001

I have to say that I didn’t know that I would have as much as I had this week in getting items boxed up to donate to Savers for our fundraiser! My parents so generously donated a large quantity of items, and within all of the piles I came across some long lost items….old college books, papers I had written from way back when- and yes,  even some photos that I had hoped found the garbage a long time ago! Yikes!

I am glad my parents took the opportunity to clean out the basement for this great cause, as I enjoyed my trip down memory lane.  But I have to say that the greatest piece in all of this is how many will benefit from my donations – our community AND some amazing kids halfway across the world!

Please remember that you do not need one of our flyers in order to donate- simply pull up to the Savers drop-off and tell them that the donation is for A to Z… they will do the rest!  Our donation drive runs through TOMORROW, SATURDAY, APRIL 26th.  Thanks for your help!