Calling All Readers!

by Betty Trummel

Do you ever sense that something is calling you to explore? I often get that feeling when I’m reading…whether it’s a nonfiction selection about a topic or place, or a historical fiction novel that draws me into a certain time in history. 

Then there are places you visit that pull you in further…inviting you in to take a closer look.

Yesterday, as we drove through the countryside of an area in England called the Cotswolds, charming little villages called my name. BUT, it was on a narrow country road where I found the best treasure of the day…a little free library!

Not just any little library though, rather one of the most clever and adorable adaptations to create a book space that I’ve ever seen. A “retired” iconic red British phone booth, perched on the side of the road, had become a tiny library…welcoming all who drive by to stop, take a look, grab a book or leave one for others. 

A fabulous selection of books awaited, and as I browsed I found a couple of books that caught my eye…I usually do! Now I can grab a cuppa (a cup of tea) and enjoy a *new* book. 

How about you? Found any great literacy treasures recently? Remember to promote literacy whenever and however you can!

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