Story Time…Reading for Life!

Story Time…Reading for Life!

By Betty Trummel

Start them young and keep on reading to them, with them, and around them. Model a lifelong love of reading to nurture this in children and in others.

Our 4 month-old grandson…he already has two or more stories/books read to him a night!

I’ve loved reading throughout my whole life; books, magazines, and anything I could get my hands on. I loved reading with and to my students during my 35 years of classroom teaching. I enjoyed watching them read on their own or to each other as well.  I always read with our kids at home and have continued now with our grandchildren.

I look back on the journal that lists the books I’ve read in 2021 and recall the stories, histories, facts, and mysteries that have enthralled me in the past year!  I started this personal reading journal in 2005, and wish that I had done that much earlier.  It’s awesome to look back and see the hundreds of books I’ve completed through the years! 

Auntie Julie, getting in on the fun!

Don’t forget about audio books! It’s the ultimate joy of being read to! Whatever the reading activity…enjoy and have a Happy New Year of reading!  I’ll be starting to read a new book soon!

Some of my book picks for early 2022 reading!

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