Vacation Reading

Vacation Reading

By Betty Trummel

Packing for this vacation was easy…a few warm weather clothes and lots of books!  I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to read, uninterrupted, for months!  Seems silly to some that I’d load my suitcases with books, instead of just carrying an e-reader (which I also have with me, by the way).  But, I just love the feel of holding a real book…turning those pages, and seeing my progress add up with each hour of reading.

As an avid reader, educator, and life-long learner, I know the value of reading.  For most of my life I’ve encouraged others to read anything and everything they can.  It’s been a huge joy to travel with A to Z Literacy to Zambia, to put books in the hands of learners, to promote the fundamentals of literacy, and spread the joy of reading.  At every opportunity I strive to motivate others to read, to talk about their reading, and to always keep learning!

As you can see from my large stack of books, I have an ambitious agenda for this vacation!  I enjoy many genres…a good mystery, historical fiction, nonfiction, an action/thriller, and sometimes just a good fictional story will do.  I’ve got my local library’s book club selection for December with me, too!  I try to vary my reading, often adding magazine articles and shorter texts as well. 

Of course, I don’t have to go on a vacation to find time to read, but it helps to have this time to relax and really dig into some great books.  

What are you reading?  What books will you take along on your next vacation or tuck away to read during some quiet time at home? 

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