Take a Listen

Do you ever find it challenging to get into a book because you are unable to visualize the setting
and the characters and then you keep rereading the same paragraph over and over again? SAME!
I have found that listening to the audiobook while following along with the text version is a great

I had this epiphany while reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, thinking: “How great would it
be for Michelle Obama herself to be reading this to me?” Well, thank you, Audible. The audio
made reading so much more enjoyable because she was telling me her life story.
Another book I enjoyed listening to the audio with was The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead,
which A to Z members read while participating in the National African American Read-In last
month. The audiobook was read by JD Jackson who did an amazing job of bringing emotion and
life to each character and I felt as if I had an easier time with painting scenes while listening.
I highly recommend checking out an audiobook because you may be pleasantly surprised!

Tip: if you have a library card, there are multiple apps like OverDrive, Libby, and Hoopla where you can borrow the audiobook
version without having to go to your library or having to pay for Audible!

(Thanks to Taylor Crandall for writing this week’s blog for A to Z.)

2 thoughts on “Take a Listen

  1. Thanks for the great post, Tara! For years, I didn’t think audio books were real reading for myself – although I used them with my students who were struggling students so that they could enjoy books beyond their reading ability. Once I took the plunge, I became an audiobook enthusiast! One of the best things about them is that you can READ A BOOK WHILE YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING ELSE (like driving or cleaning or taking a walk!) Now how is that for making the best of your reading time? You don’t have to waste a minute:)

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