Pandemic Reading

One-third of the adult population reports that their reading of books has increased because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Magazine readership has shot up to a record high with people preferring print copies to the online versions. And it’s not just printed copies. Just walk down the street and notice how people are reading. Smartphones, as always, are an apparatus for reading, no matter what the subject. That’s encouraging.

E-book sales have increased due to the instant availability of titles. The convenience of books published in electronic form appeals to many. Heather, librarian and mother of two youngsters, has rediscovered the joy of audiobooks. “It’s been quite difficult to find alone time being home with two young children during this pandemic. But with audiobooks, I’ve been able to “read” while I multitask….making dinner, folding laundry, and cleaning up. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being read to and found it to be a marvelous escape during these trying times.”

Moreover, keeping up our connection with others while reflecting on the current worldwide health situation have become important pastimes. Liz, another avid reader, says: “I usually read history and biographies and history reminds me we will persevere.” Some folks have strayed from their usual genres, having to rely on what titles were available at their homes or borrowing from others in their circle. My brother, who lives in North Carolina, and is the most voracious lifelong reader that I know, said, “I think because there has been so much less going on, I have focused more on longer works. (I) also went back and reread favorite kid’s books for the comfort factor.”

Whatever the platform or topic and whether it’s the print or audi version, friends with A to Z Literacy Movement recommend reading as a way to escape even for a short while.

Thanks so much to Pat Kelly for the blog post this week.

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