Kindness Rocks!

Kindness Rocks!    By Betty Trummel    

Kindness ROCKS (noun):  a natural material, hard or soft, that has a distinctive mineral composition

Kindness ROCKS (verb):  is awesome

With all of the intense challenges this world has had in the past few months, I’ve been looking for ways to read uplifting books to my grandchildren, as well as myself.  Let’s face it, we all need more kindness in our lives…both on the giving and receiving end!  And, it’s important to pass this lesson on to children as well.

Recently, I stumbled upon a real winner of a book:  “Scribble Stones” by Diane Alber.

The story is about one small gray, round stone…happy, but waiting to find its purpose in life.  The pile of stones he’s hanging out with are all chosen for various projects, but not our main character…he’s lonely and a bit sad that he’s the last stone in the pile. 

He’s worried that he’s destined to become a boring paperweight, and won’t bring happiness to others as he had hoped.  BUT…as luck would have it, his purpose will be revealed as the stone is transformed into a colorful “scribble stone.”  All of the scribble stones in the story are traveling the globe to bring happiness and fun and smiles to all. 

Sometimes called kindness rocks or stones, these bring inspirational messages and smiles to people around the world.  We all know that a simple message of kindness can go a long way to spark joy, and brighten someone’s life.  Whether it’s a written message, happy face, or a gorgeous mandala pattern, it’s a fabulous feeling to bring joy to a family member, friend or a person who could use encouragement and a smile.

After reading this book with my grandchildren, we painted rocks and had a blast.  I love that we took this story to heart, and followed through with our own kindness rocks/scribble stones.  I hope that you might get the opportunity to read this book and paint some rocks of your own.

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