Clever Ways to Encourage Reading

by Betty Trummel

In the past week I discovered two ingenious ways to attract and encourage reading. In both cases, stunning visual displays play a huge role. Let me share these ideas with you.

Many of you have seen Little Free Libraries, and are aware of the enormous benefit of “recycling” our books to give the gift of reading to others. In this instance, a librarian from Idaho turned the stump of a 110-year-old tree into a magical library for her neighborhood. How cool is that?


Talk about recycling! Not only has she reused and shared books, but she’s cleverly found a purpose for the tree she had to cut down. I’d love to “check” a book out of this library!!


The second inspiration I’d like to share has transformed the English department hallway of Mundelein High School (suburban Chicago, Illinois) into a fantastic learning environment.


Students who recently returned from their holiday break were treated to a big surprise…the walls on either side of classroom doorways now resembling spines of books on a shelf.


I am so happy when I see projects like these that encourage readers of all ages. Unique displays draw people in to find out more, and create happy spaces for literacy.

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