The Gift of Literacy…Under the Christmas Tree

By Betty Trummel

As long as I can remember, giving or receiving books as Christmas gifts has been a family tradition. For readers young or old, unwrapping a new book holds such potential.

Will the reader be entertained by a great story or fascinating characters? 

Or, will a nonfiction book provide new information on science, history, or culture? 

Could it be that special book that just captures our hearts with  great illustrations or photographs or whimsical tales that stand the test of time?

On a recent visit to Boston I was reminded of two classic children’s books that I hope find their way under many Christmas trees and into the hands of young readers this year.


“Make Way For Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey made Boston and its Public Gardens familiar to children around the world. These bronze statues in the Public Garden today immortalize the ducklings, depicting them making their way through Boston’s historic park.



In E.B.White’s “The Trumpet of the Swan” the main character, Louis the trumpeter swan, visits the Boston Public Garden and accompanies the famous swan boats as he plays his trumpet.  



These are two of my favorite children’s stories. I read both books when I was young and shared them with my children and students countless times through the years!

What books will you give or hope to find under your tree?

One thought on “The Gift of Literacy…Under the Christmas Tree

  1. Thanks for the great post, Betty! After buying many, many wonderful books for my own kids and students over the years, I’m now in the blessed position of giving books to my one-year-old grandson. This Christmas, in addition to Christmas favorites like The First Christmas, The Night Before Christmas, and The Polar Express, we are giving him Where the Wild Things Are – not just because he’s fast becoming a wild little toddler, but also because I love to tell him, “I’ll eat you up – I love you so.” EVERY day is a good day to give (and read) a book, but right now is the MOST wonderful time of the year so we can be sure every child has the gift of reading – which is one of the best ways to give the gift of love.

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