Favorite Quotes Heard This Week in Zambia

In no particular order . . .

  • Teacher: “When you are learning new concepts, it makes teaching easier.”
  • Student: “I am pushing myself because I want to be somebody in life.”
  • Head Teacher: “This country will be built on these children and one day things will open up.”
  • Teacher: “Challenges tend to trickle down.”
  • Student: The benefits of being educated is to know the dos and the don’ts in life.
  • Teacher: “I walk 10 kilometers to school every day, and if I walk fast, it takes me 45 minutes.”
  • Teacher: “Teaching is a true profession in Zambia.”
  • School Director: “The AIDS epidemic took the strong and left the weak.”
  • Teacher: “This is math but comprehension is involved.”
  • Teacher (asking for another idea from class): “Calvin, add your voice to that one.”
  • Student: “I appreciate what I have.”
  • Student: “A lion will eat grass if he doesn’t have meat . . . I will do what I have to do now to support my family.”
  • Missions Director (discussing the effects of AIDS in the country): We are dealing with generational bookends.
  • Director: You can’t fight what God has in store for you.
  • American missions pastor: “This experience makes you look beyond your own belly button.”
  • Teacher: “Speak up so your friends can hear you.”

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