Spring Cleaning for A to Z


Yahoo! This spring break provided by Mother Nature here in northern Illinois sure has been a breath of fresh air. With the sun bringing warmer days, we hope you are doing some clearing out of clothing and items you no longer want or need with the thought of donating them.

A to Z has partnered with Savers for a few years now in holding an ongoing donation drive. Due to changes in their storage capabilities, Savers isn’t able to take secondhand donations all the time.Therefore, we have set a date for a two-day donation event at the drive through at Savers’ Crystal Lake store. Friday, April 28th & Saturday, April 29th are the days dedicated this year. Please mention A to Z Literacy Movement by name when donating items and we will receive payment for your donated goods from Savers. We’d love if you could start collecting clothing, household items, toys, sporting goods and the like (No furniture please). Stockpile them, mark your calendars for April 28th & 29th and start Spring cleaning this week!


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