Fear & Anxiety


It happens every year.

On Saturday, the A to Z Literacy team is going to host our seventh February fundraiser.

With just five days left, Fear and Anxiety are making their annual appearance.

Fear tells me no one is going to show up.

Anxiety explains that I’m going to let my hard-working and dedicated team down.

Fear mutters about our annual goals not being met.

Anxiety chimes in and proclaims that people are tired of A to Z.

Fear whispers that the Zambian teachers and students may not receive support this year.

Anxiety comments on my abilities as an organizer.

As I try to deflect what Fear and Anxiety are saying to me, it’s still tough.

While I’m proud of the thousands of books given away to children in 2016, I’m still left with the sinking feeling that our annual event isn’t going to be a smashing success.

And while I lie in bed awake, my prayer is to trust that I can continue to serve God’s  people in the months and years ahead.

I will trust that folks will show up on Saturday night and want to support a little nonprofit trying to make a big difference while ignoring the chatterings of Fear and Anxiety.

Tickets can be purchased at www.atozliteracy.org or at the door.








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