My Librarian Is A Camel

“My Librarian is a Camel” (from Betty)

Last week while teaching at Shine Zambia Reading Academy in Lusaka, one of my lessons focused on a wonderful nonfiction book called “My Librarian is a Camel.” When I showed the children the book, of course they thought the title was funny…how can a librarian be a camel?



They could see from the cover that camels were carrying books in baskets/containers slung on the top of them. I told the students that we were going to learn more about how books get into the hands of children and adults around the world. Whether by camel, boat, cart, mobile library truck or bus, elephant, or on foot…getting books into the hands of learners should be a priority around the world.

I asked the children if they knew where the books that make up the library at Shine came from. No one knew the answer to that question.


A key mission of A to Z Literacy Movement is to get books into the hands of the most vulnerable children not only in Zambia, but in other countries as well as local children in our Crystal Lake, Illinois area.


Our small but mighty nonprofit has shipped hundreds of books and has supplied heaps of teaching materials housed in Shine’s library. Not only is the library used for Shine students and teachers, but it’s become a hub of the Mutendere East compound…a community resource. Older students come here to study, adult education classes meet here, and students from Shine receive additional teaching and support before or after their morning/afternoon school hours.




I’m proud of the work A to Z Literacy does to uphold our mission, and so very thankful for the donations of money, time, and resources from so many people. Please consider a tax deductible donation to support and advance our mission and goals. Check out our annual report to see how donations of funds and books are translated directly into having a big impact on the lives of learners both globally and locally.


As always, grateful for your support.


One thought on “My Librarian Is A Camel

  1. What a great idea to help the students to understand where the books come from. Just as in other areas of our lives, we are oblivious to the “angels” around us who provide us with what we need to grow and learn and be safe and happy! Anxiously awaiting news that you are all back home safe. Traveling mercies!

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