The Gift of Time

By Kalan Gott

I have been in Las Vegas with my family for three and half years and it has been a long time since I got to support A to Z.  Having two kids in two and half years resulted in time just disappearing. I couldn’t stop considering the concept of “time.” It was around the holidays that I started thinking that sharing time seemed like a good gift.  More for everyone, right?  I gifted my time to the A to Z Literacy Movement and getting books into the hands of kids who need them.  By doing this time-sharing became contagious. Staff members from Clark County School District gave time to create flyers and collection boxes, my kids gave up play time to sit and sort through books (they loved it), and my husband gave time trying for a month to find someone in the Las Vegas postal system who knew how to ship an M bag to Zambia.  Getting back to sharing my time illuminated how precious it is.  Thank you to Mal Keenan for showing me how to make my time meaningful. Thank you to the beautiful teachers and students of Zambia for giving their time to training and learning more about literacy.  Thank you to authors and illustrators everywhere for their masterpieces that allow us to imagine amazing adventures, accomplishments, and lives we can create with all this time.  What will you imagine, accomplish, or create with your time?

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