Two Languages = Smarter Brain


I’ve been thinking about the bilingual brain a lot this week and of all of the students at Shine Zambia who speak Nyanja as their first language while learning to read, write, and speak English at school. Yes, everything environmental is printed in English, but the dominant spoken word is Nyanja. I’m in awe of the teachers who switch back and forth between the two languages to help their students understand and feel success. It’s remarkable. Thinking back a few years while attending an ELL class, I learned the bilingual brain is indeed a smarter brain and I truly believe it after two weeks of watching it in action.

One thought on “Two Languages = Smarter Brain

  1. How smart of YOU to recognize and celebrate the gift of the bilingual brain. It seems as if most people (or at least most MONOlinguals) don’t realize how bilingualism contributes to learning, peace, and understanding in our society.

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