Little Treasures Between the Pages

stuff in books 001 (1)           stuff in books 002
As one of the book gatherers for A to Z Literacy Movement, I see a great number of books come into our hands. Occasionally the books contain secret treasures, flattish objects that someone who once held the book stored away inside.
Typically, they are bookmarks, but we see other items: a book’s receipt or scraps of paper with notes written on them. We picture a student patiently using the E.Z. Reader strip and see that a miniature ten-spot suitably became a bookmark. Even plastic toys wind up in books as the accompanying picture shows.
We are ever appreciative of our book donors, as we couldn’t do our work without them. And we’re reminded of the tale within the book when something slips out from it’s pages.
By Pat Kelly

One thought on “Little Treasures Between the Pages

  1. Pat, the flat objects have such stories to tell. Thanks for sharing some of their stories and reminding us how we use flat objects to hold our place while the story we are engrossed in is interrupted.

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