By Pat Kelly

As I listened to a student’s class presentation about Mahatma Gandhi, he quoted the significant man: “In a gentle way you can shake the world.” I wrote the quote down and instantly began to think about it’s application to A to Z Literacy Movement.

In our own little way we have shaken the world. Or at least one corner of it. A to Z receives  support through a variety of resources: literature, volunteers’ time, financial and even verbal, through those who share our mission in conversations.

With last month’s celebration of Thanksgiving comes reflection on all that has occurred for A to Z Literacy this year. We’ve had numerous new fundraisers and have been fortunate to rely on our annual philanthropists as well. We have had schools who named us the beneficiary of their book fair, buying scads of books for us with their revenue generated. We have had donors find us and bring us boxes of books bound for children’s hands. In Zambia we met new friends at The School of Hope and have given them a shake, sending boxes and boxes of books in a shipping container and locating a set of requested encyclopedias.

Gandhi was a man of wise words and ways. Countless individuals will herald his methods and follow his advice. At A to Z Literacy, we use Gandhi quotations to move and shake us in our work. Comment below and share some of your favorite quotes!

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