Tweets Inspired by Donalyn Miller

By Mal Keenan


On Monday, I had the awesome opportunity to spend the day learning with Donalyn Miller at Judson University. She shared her knowledge of reading with 200 teachers and had so many great things to say.

Throughout the day, I tweeted ideas that resonated with me and wanted to share them with you:

Reading fosters empathy.

We throw out the pedagogy when we can’t get the management to work.

Set small goals and check in daily with reluctant readers.

For many kids, graphic novels, comics, and series are the gate to lifelong reading.

How can we leverage read alouds to introduce new authors to our students?

The act of reading is not final until we can pass the book on or discuss it with others.

There’s not a lot of hope in the word “weakness”, so I use the word “goal”.


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