Storage Wars – Part 2

By Mal Keenan

green door storage

Last year, Pat wrote about her storage facility experience of receiving new books from a donor who previously sold children’s educational materials for a living. The donor had accumulated boxes of science and social studies trade books along with multiple boxes of small guided reading books. The storage space needed to be cleaned out and we were thrilled to receive the assortment of books. Total score for A to Z.

This past weekend, Wendy and I traveled to another storage facility (which is another story for a different day – Americans and their storage units) to collect eighteen boxes of books from another donor who levels books for a living. Levels books for a living? Right, so publishers send copies of books to Monica and then she determines the grade and guided reading level. Once leveled, the books sit patiently in a storage unit. After a few years of waiting and not needing to be referenced again, the books are free to go. As we loaded them up, I was all smiles. A to Z scored again. Our little nonprofit is making a difference and people like Monica who levels books for a living are willing to help us help others.

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